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A generation of hidden homeless?

We must act or risk creating a generation of hidden homeless By 2050 it is estimated that North Essex will grow by some 190,000 people. We are living longer, we are staying in our homes for longer, we are having more children, and yes people migrate to North Essex...

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Garden Communities: An exciting opportunity for business

You may have read about proposals to create three new ‘Garden Communities’ across North Essex over the next 30+ years. A joint project between Braintree and Tendring District, Colchester Borough and Essex County Councils, they have stemmed from the need for a new way...

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Garden Communities – Not just housing

This last week the University of Essex in Colchester held an event looking at the future of housing, and specifically the future we want from Garden Communities. Obviously this is something in which the university has a vested interest and a key role to play, with the...

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