Richard Bayley, Managing Director of NEGC Ltd, explains why talking to residents is a high priority:

“We want to make sure that the Garden Communities project works for current and future generations in North Essex. One important aspect is getting infrastructure like roads and schools in place either before or alongside the building we do. Therefore, the recent announcement of £99.9 million to develop roads and a rapid transport system for the benefit of the residents and businesses of North Essex is a big step forward.”

“Another important aspect is how we engage with the people of North Essex, the majority of whom are unaware of how the Garden Communities project can bring these benefits. Our first engagement with the public will give them the chance to learn more and, more importantly, to shape and influence the development of the new Garden Communities – both for their benefit and for their children’s children.”

“There is therefore a clear difference between this sort of collaborative and participative engagement and a statutory public consultation exercise that is specifically designed to get comments on defined or detailed policies and proposals.”

 “We want maximum involvement from the public and will use a variety of ways to engage with them. The information we use will build on the feedback we got from the councils’ 2017/18 Issues & Option consultation. There will be no layouts or detailed plans at this stage. Instead the feedback and discussions will result in a range of options which we will discuss at subsequent public engagement events that will take place after the outcome of the Local Plan examination during 2020.”